QuickSleeper- the device giving the oppurtunity to numb a tooth
in every case.

Quick Sleeper pours the anaesthetic factor into the area where it is needed most, just over the roots of treated tooth. There is no way that you encounter pain during a dental treatment and in fact the process of administering anaesthesia itself doesn't induce nasty sensations compared to usual syringe numbing.
I am dr. Michal Wiklinski, a dentist
runnig a small dental practice in Szczecin
together with my wife as auxiliary staff.

We do our best to satisfy the patients with a well organised way of treatment. My patients usually don't wait at the waiting room, they are seated and exeamined just after arrival.

First listening to your concerns and needs then giving the possible treatment options. It's always up to my patients what traetment option I am going to perform.

I always show photos of treatment just performed and inform on the prog-ress of the work. If you want to take all these photos home it's always possible to burn a CD full of treatment pictures.

The way my patients are treated is as painless and sterss free as possible with a little help of QuickSleeper.